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Lovely Neighbor Boxes

This Lovely Neighbor box was made just for you to share, repurpose and reuse: 

1 - Enjoy your Lovely products: “I AM A LOVELY NEIGHBOR” and gift Lovely products: “YOU’RE A LOVELY NEIGHBOR”
  • Two Hope Hand Sanitizers (2 oz)
  • Two Hope Hand Oils (2 oz)
  • Two Minted Rose Facial Mists (8 oz)
2 - When you gift Lovely products to your lovely neighbor (on their doorstep of course!), be sure to share it on social media with #LovelyNeighbor and tag @LovelyEnterprises
3 - Cut out the postcard on the box, add one stamp, and mail to another #LovelyNeighbor to give them 30% off all Lovely tees!
4 - Take the base of the box and frame a photo creating a lovely memory.
Add any additional survivor made Lovely products to your box and get $5 off each product!